Some Of Your Your Favorite “America’s Next Top Model” Contestants Today


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1.  Jaslene Gonzalez — Cycle 8 (2007) winner

Then: Gonzalez, who looks resemble supermodel Janice Dickinson, she was a favorite of the judges. She was not well liked by her roommate and kind of how she became the ” cha cha” queen . 

Now: Gonzalez runs her own modeling consultancy called On Set With Jaslene.


2.  Naima Mora — Cycle 4 (2004) winner

Then : She was fierce from the start , rocking her Mohawk make over hairstyle . 

Now : Today, she’s busy partnering with brands like diamond company Gemsparx and fashion , design her own clothes under moniker Naima x Hitoma., as well as launching her solo music career


3. Lisa D’Amato — Cycle 5 contestant, Cycle 17 winner (2011)

Then :  Lisa was one of the wild personalities in the house .

Now : Today she is still pretty wild,gave birth to her second child . 


4. Tiffany Richardson –  Cycle 3 and 4 Contestant 

Then : Tiffany was one of the trouble contestant . Tyra Banks  was rooting for her and verbally express it to her when Tiffany was taking the elimination as a joke . 

Now :  Richardson’s son, whom she frequently talked about on Top Model, is now 14 years old. She has also since had a daughter named now, who’s 9. She works a normal 9-to-5 job at a group home in Miami assisting people with mental disabilities. 

5 . Whitney Thompson – Winner of Cycle 10

Then : The first plus-size winner of the series.

Now: Her main focus is not modeling , she now help her husband operates restaurant . 

6. Ann Ward — Cycle 15 (2010) winner

Then: At 6’2″, Ann was one of the tallest competitors in ANTM history.

Now: After top model she went on to have a successful modeling career . These days she focus more on her graphics art drawing . 


7. Eva Prigford (Marcille) – Cycle 3 (2004) winner 

Then : Eve was one of the contestant with a striking unique look and she was a baddie with lot of attitude that rub some of the contestant the wrong way. 


Now : After top model Eva went on to do a vary amount of things . She is soon to be the mother of two and her career also thriving . 

 8. Cassandra Jean — Cycle 5 (2005) contestant

Then : Most memorable for her walk away from ANTM makeover . Having to cut her long brown hair did not sit well with Cassandra .        

Now : Cassandra modeled a bit, but now she’s married to Steven Amell, the star of Arrow. They have a child together . 


9. AzMarie Livingston — Cycle 18 (2012) runner up

Then: AzMarie placed 9th on the America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion season.

Now: She’s gone on to release her own debut EP, HipPopMelodicPoetry on Soundcloud. and well known for  dating actress  Raven Symone.


10 . Keith Carlos — Cycle 21 (2014) winner


Then : Former NFL player with remarkable resemblance to Super model Tyson Beckford . First male to win ANTM . 

Now : Still has a chiseled  body but trying to make it in the modeling  world . 


11 . Adrianne Curry – Cycle 1 Winner

Then : She was a wild child of the show , very out there personality . She was the first Americas next top model . 

Now : She has went on to doing more reality shows and fall in and out of love . Still active on social media today . 


12. Nyle DiMarco — Cycle 22 (2015) contestant


Then : DiMarco was the 2nd male and first Deaf contestant to be apart of the show . 

Now : He went on to  walk for Armani during Milan Fashion Week , won dancing with the stars . He continue to be a babe . 

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