Top Most Exciting Reality TV Shows In The World


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Best Reality Shows on TV

If you are looking for the best reality shows to keep you excited and entertain .  If you are looking for inspiration or maybe your real life is so dull you want to see others make a fool of themselves on tv here are a few great ones. 

Dancing With The Stars (ABC)



Dancing with the stars is one of the best reality tv shows . Celebrities and strangers getting together to compete in some fierce competition . Like most show you will have people who stand out for doing really good or just really bad . 

America got talent 

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

This is a a show that helped overweight people to get healthier, build confidence and a better lifestyle by losing weight . There have been rumors about contestant being given weight loss pills . At the end of the day this is a good family show to watch . 


Are You The One? (MTV)

This is one of the newest reality show of the ones on this list . First aired in 2014 but have made the list of one of the most exciting reality show . This is a dating reality show where contestant are trying to find their perfect match . During the course of finding their match , they will compete in various competition for a chance to win a date with the person that interest them . 

Project Runway (Lifetime/Bravo)

Heidi Klum is the main judge/hostess alongside the other judges , Nina Garcia, Rachel Ray, Zac Posen, and Michael Kors . Talented designers compete in various fashion challenge to create quality in a limited amount of time .  This show is really fun to watch especially if you want to keep track of new and old fashions trends  through the years. Its clearly one of Best Reality Shows . 

The Real World (MTV)


The Challenge (MTV)

This is one of the most entertaining reality show . It has fierce competition, drama , showmances , and some of the most cutthroat betrayals . The contestant are usually chosen from these other reality shows, such as Road Rules, The Real World , Are you the one?  and Recently Big Brother . 

Fear Factor (NBC)

America’s Next Top Model (UPN/The CW)

If you love the world of model and fashion this show is for you . Its not just a make a model show but comes with lots of entertaining drama , also help the contestant build character and offer them opportunity to change their life . The show is beautiful because its breaking the modeling world in many ways offering all type of girls opportunity that they may not get anywhere else . You dont have to be super thin , under 28 to get a chance to shine . Tyra Banks is an amazing judge and host of this reality show . 

American Idol (FOX)

Big Brother (CBS)

A group of strangers have to live together for the summer . During that time they will compete and try to stay in the house , every week their is an elimination . Some of the most colorful characters to keep you on the edge of your seat every episode . 

The Bachelor (ABC)

The Amazing Race (CBS)

This is not just only entertaining but great if you ever want to see amazing place around the world this is a show for you . The amazing race is a show , where team of two race around the world for the prize of a million dollar . 

Survivor (CBS)


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