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Ariel Winter defends sharing butt-baring bikini pic: ‘I can’t be proud of my body?’

Ariel Winter called out a critic who questioned her revealing bikini photo. (Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)


People have a lot of opinions about Ariel Winter. The Modern Family actress is often accused of dressing too provocatively. She’s frequently body-shamed, while other trolls have mocked her for being “thirsty” for attention.

The negativity would be enough to send plenty of people running screaming from social media. But while the 20-year-old has had her own self-imposed Twitter time-outs, she’s back with a vengeance and an unapologetic attitude.

Just days after sharing a racy video of boyfriend Levi Meaden slathering her derriere with sunscreen (safety first, kids!), Winter has posted a shot of her sunbathing, much of her backside exposed thanks to her thong-cut bikini bottoms. (FYI: Per Winter, the scratch on her left cheek is courtesy of her dog.)


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