All The Women Prince Harry Dated Before His Engagement To Meghan Markle


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All The Women Prince Harry Dated Before His Engagement To Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Fiance Meghan Markle

The royal wedding is coming up but some wants to know Prince Harry’s ex. The ones who came before , the fail romances that we know about . 

Chelsy Davy

chelsy davy

2004-2011 (on and off)

The prince’s first serious girlfriend was and  his longest-lasting relationship.

Davy, the daughter of a rich Zimbabwean landowner and a beauty queen, met Harry in school.

The couple separated through the years, including when Davy returned to Africa for her schooling, however they at all times they would got back together ultimately

Davy even picked Leeds University for law school so she may keep near the prince.

Caroline Flack


The X Factor presenter and model mentioned her short-lived fling with Harry in her memoir, Storm in a C Cup.

She revealed that the prince dated her in 2009, during one of his break from Davy.

The relationship ultimately fell aside after it became public knowledge, and Flack admitted to resenting the way in which she was covered within the press.

Camilla Romestrand

Camilla Romestrand


It was reported that they were so close that she enjoys breakfast in bed at his royal residence, Clarence House.

This is another short fling since it was not confirmed by Harry to have been anything serious. 


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