About Emilia Clarke Game Of Thrones Star

What does Emilia Clarke think of being nude ?

She was nude in season one and season 3 of Game of Thrones and again got naked in the last episode .

Well Clarke is not really happy at getting nude on camera , doing those scenes is not something she enjoy , she wants to be remembered for her acting not her naked top . She wants to be taken more serious and not just as a bed warmer in the hit tv series .

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke


Who can blame the mother of dragons , even though viewers may be happy its not her desire . She has express her feeling to the producers of the show however they do not share her views . So more nudes may be on its way . Al thought according to a source the actress is willing to strip down for the plot of the show if its important as we can see . On the bright side in 2014 she was voted most desire woman on tv by .

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