21 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding Of Personal Space


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21 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding Of Personal Space

Dogs or Amazing and we love them very much but sometimes they just do the craziest things, Here or 21 dogs with Absolutely no understanding of personal space. 

When it comes to dog bigger isn’t always better but with this big guy who could say no to him right


I guess he just wants to look outside and he doesn’t care where he puts his butt, poor kid. 


Now, this dog is a keeper, guess its time for a walk. 


Cuddle time is always happy time 


isn’t this that dog for man in black, Either way, he wants all the attention. 

This poop Reminds me of that crazy ex that always in your face. 

I’ll never leave your side 

This dog looks like a bully but you can’t help wanting to love him. 

This is what happens when you love your pet too much.

Cant even tell whats happening here, oh well. 

He isn’t going anywhere today. 

Wake up and feed me

Happens to the best of us, or maybe it’s just her. 

no cants allowed in this post lol

he just wants some love 

Aww can you feel the love

The cat looks so annoyed 

Nothing to see here 

Time to get an Extra bed   

When you’re tired and need to rest 

Attention! Attention!

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