11 Cats That Are Bigger Jerks Than Your Usual Internet Trolls


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Cats being jerks , we love them we let them in our homes but they can be total jerks sometimes . 


1. This cat is probably letting the girl know he need to go outside. 

cat being jerks


2. This cat probably dont GAF if his human is ok. 

cat being jerks


3. Hi and Bye



4. This cat wont use the bed his human gave him

cat being jerks
cats being jerks


5. Probably tired of all those tin food

cat being jerks


6. This cat push his human into the pool, what a jerk xD


7. So Savage



8. What a big jerk 


Cats being jerks


9. Beating that up – bam bam bam


cate being jerks

10. Mmm Seems a bit sketchy but please proceed . 


11. Clearly this cat is a jerk

cats being total jerks


Mean time these people evolving into their pets

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