10 People Who Are Evolving Into Their Pets


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Some human are evolving into their pets

Sometimes you will notice pet starting to look like their owner but these people are starting to look like their pet instead. 

When you are on social media you notice lots of pet and human behaving same way.

1. Blonde domination 

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 2. Do you see this resemblance 


 3.  Start the day with a smile


4. Twinning here 


5. We found each other 

They just gonna hang out like this. 


6. They got the same hairstyle going. 



7. Did he choose the dog hairstyle to match his or did he change his to match his dog . 



8. Big hair dont care 

Image credit 

9 . Cant tell if the cat feels the same about all this 


Cat : Help me

10 . Found the missing piece 

This is super rare , pet and owner  with both of their eyes are two different colors.

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